Flavor House solutions

Productive customer engagement and digital access to market

iSense brings digital efficiency along your value chain, from consumer insights to customer engagement, down to ingredient sourcing.
Whether a flavor house or a taste ingredient supplier, your flavors, extracts, essential oils, seasonings, botanicals or indeed any products that can be assessed for their taste using iSense Toolkit™ are a perfect fit for the iSense platform to empower your business.

Tangible benefits - whatever your size

iSense delivers tangible benefits whatever your size and your geographical reach - from independent consultants to global flavor houses

Local and regional flavor houses

Gain unlimited access to market while leveraging your traditional strengths, whether these be your local taste understanding, your creation, your relationships or your cost structure

Global flavor houses

Optimize your value chain with digital and drive remote customer engagement

Ingredient suppliers

Specify your ingredients’ taste to facilitate choice, increase value perception and deliver a targeted and compelling remote buying experience

Independent flavorists and consultants

Promote your creations on iSense and get an instant, affordable & unlimited access to market

A large palette of ingredients

Flavors | Extracts | Essential Oils & Botanicals | Seasonings | Sweeteners

Essential Oils | Botanicals

Solutions to support your growth

iSense is an independent provider that offers simple standardized services and a digital flavor portal to leverage among your F&B manufacturer clients and prospects

Relating Consumer Insights to flavor sensory data

• Build empirical knowledge about which flavor delivers liking and why
• Link bestselling flavors to related sensory profiles
• Flavor liking test starting from actionable flavor sensory data

Instant Digital Access to Market

• Quick and affordable publication of your flavors on a global digital marketplace
• Your designer e-shop on iSense: your flavors only and you control access (on demand)

Productive and remote Customer Engagement

• Harmonized open language to support communication and briefing
• Cloud-based access to your flavor collection for sales team and distributors
• Remote engagement made easy by sharing your Collection Manager online

Application – targeted

• Build empirical knowledge about which flavors deliver the right product taste and why
• One central portal to gather, leverage and access application and flavor knowledge
• Modelling food matrix and flavor interaction

Flavor Selection – quick and guided

• Order a sensory mapping of your flavors
• Search engine powered by data and key criteria like geography, application, sensory profile etc.
• Quickly access your flavor collection - wherever, whenever

Creative Catalog & Sourcing – productivity and simplicity

• Screening supplier offerings
• Sensory evaluation of your ingredients to compare and benchmark
• Rationalizing your creation catalog
• Buying a specification, including sensory data