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Interconnected software, sensory and analytics services

iSense Toolkits™️

An open sensory language tailored to evaluate flavors in tasting solutions: enables flavor houses and F&B manufacturers to start speaking the same 'taste language'.

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Supports flavor taste assessments and understanding of flavor sensory profiles.

Leveraging standardized flavor data with digital tools

Flavor Taste Assessment

iSense™ experts panel or trained panels assess the taste of each flavor in a standardized way, generating a unique sensory profile for individual flavors. This allows flavors to be compared.

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iSense Digital Flavor Portal

Flavor Collection Manager

Your own private and secured digital tool to leverage a precious asset - your flavor collection.

Flavor Marketplace

Exclusive to F&B Manufacturers. Search for new flavors around the world and expand your collection.

Data and Intelligence

Optimize your flavor collection, ease and accelerate flavor choice and guide flavor creation. iSense flavor taste assessments are changing the flavor industry dynamics.

How does it work?

Flavor Houses

Manage flavor collection
Drive customer engagement
Access new markets
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Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Manage flavors across suppliers
Build-up data to accelerate innovation
Deliver productivity
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Ingredients specified for their taste

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